The Strand

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What a challenge, trying to photograph around a famous London hotel just before Christmas when the hotel was full of customers. The brief was to photograph meeting rooms, reception area, bars, restaurants and various styles of bedrooms .. not using or involving the general public.

This was a difficult task as it would have looked strange to have and empty hotel ( and impossible ) so patience was required to pick the best times when restaurants were just closing or just before opening. The need to use additional flash lighting in most areas did surprise some customer and waiting for the right moment when we could place our ‘model’ customers into the shot was difficult. Thankfully we had no complaints from customers and everyone was very helpful.

Art director Jon and I found that it was better to leave all of the equipment at the hotel over the 8 day shoot (split over two weeks) as getting to central London each day by car meant leaving by 06.00 and still getting stuck in traffic jams. Much easier to stay overnight and enjoy the hotels hospitality..thank you The Strand Palace Hotel.

Photo shows us on The Stand trying to photograph the doorman and customer during one of the quieter moments !

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